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Africa's 'Barkless Dog


Basenji dogs are adorned with a light build, slender and long legs, a very lively and intelligent personality, graceful movements and an athletic body posture. They seem reserved, cold and uninterested towards strangers, but towards their family they are very affectionate. They also have a pronounced hunting instinct. The origin of the Basenji is from the waters of the Congo River.

Description of the breed – standard
Males weigh up to 11 kg, height up to 43 cm
Females weighing up to 9.5 kg, height up to 40 cm
They have short, smooth hair without undercoat.
Coat color: red and white color/ black and white/ black, tan and white/ brindle and white
Their lifespan is 10 -16 years.

Females are in heat once a year.
Basenjis do not bark, they yodel.

Registered with FCI 86/17,
HKS and in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia

In 2017 we bought the first Basenji female and in 2018 we opened a kennel called Collum Album Basenji. In breeding, we emphasize two colors: red-white and brindle-white, and we pay special attention to the standard prescribed for Basenji. For each individual we use in breeding, we perform genetic tests such as Fanconi syndrome test (kidney disease) and BAS-PRA test (eye disease). The genetics of our puppies is based on the name of two well-known Basenji kennels: Kupalpan and Dar Bony Sona. Until now, puppies from our kennel have made their owners happy from Hamburg to Moscow, some of them are used in breeding with very good exhibition results.

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